Spring has sprung

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The longer days and better weather are edging in, so writer Zein Al-Maha Oweis is sharing some of her favourite things about spring we can look forward to as lockdown restrictions begin to ease.

The days are getting longer and the sunlight is beginning to shine bright on Glasgow again, so it looks like we’re entering one of my favourite seasons of the year – spring.

As we wait for lockdown restrictions to ease, there are many things we can be thankful for during this beautiful and flowery season. I’ve always personally loved the spring as it’s the season I was born in! However, there are many things we can all find small joys in during these turbulent times.

Sounds of spring

One of my favourite things about the spring is the enchanting sounds it brings with it. Here in Glasgow, I’ve grown accustomed to the sounds of squirrels scattering about the grounds of the Botanical Gardens and the chirping of birds at Kelvingrove Park near our beautiful University campus. While I sit and people watch, I close my eyes and enjoy the sounds around me. The softness of the wind wrapping herself around the branches of the trees, the laughter of children running around, and the swaying of daffodils and tulips greeting one another in the wind. These sounds bring with them positive and optimistic vibes. All you have to do is sit there, listen and smile.

Look – blossoms

There’s nothing like walking through a park filled with cherry blossoms and sneezing profusely to get you in the mood for spring. I still remember the warm, breezy weekends when I would walk through the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. and it would be filled with gorgeous light pink cherry blossoms. I’m looking forward to seeing the Botanical Gardens and Kelvingrove Park decked in cherry blossoms. What a sight it would be to walk my usual route to campus! Just like in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy walks on the yellow brick road, but in this instance, it would be me walking under an archway made of cherry blossoms – what a picturesque moment.

Colourful flowers

Scotland is home to beautiful flowers that bloom mostly during the spring and summer. From snowdrops to Scottish bluebells, to tulips, to even heather and the national flower, the thistle. The beautiful colours bring joy and happiness around us during the spring days. There are many other flowers to look forward to when walking around Glasgow as well: Kelvingrove and the Botanics are home to a vast array of plants, trees and flowers. Something to look forward to once the days get brighter and lockdown restrictions begin to ease again.

A bench and a book

The best thing about the spring is the better weather and brighter days – which means that it’s the time of year where you can grab a book from the to-be-read pile next to your bed and find a cosy, secluded bench to settle down on and read. It’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful breezy spring weather and beautiful scenery, and it’s  one of my favourite activities to do during the spring and summer. So, if you fancy a lovely outing then come and join me with a cup of coffee, tea, or beverage of your choice for a day outdoors engrossed in a book. I always enjoy making new friends as well as discussing plot twists of enticing novels from different genres. If you see me holding a book with a cup of coffee beside me then you know that spring has truly sprung.

New beginnings

I’ve always felt like the spring time brings new beginnings to the year with brighter days and warmer weather. While the past year has been tough for all of us, this year brings new beginnings with the easing of the lockdown restrictions around Scotland and the vaccination programme. This means that there will be a plethora of beautiful places we can visit around Glasgow and Scotland once restrictions start to ease. Some of the places I hope to visit are Pollok Country Park and The Meadows in Edinburgh, where the flowers will be blooming and I can sit under the cherry blossoms reading one of my books with a cold brew or iced tea. Brighter, better days are ahead.

You can refer to the original article on the Glasgow Guardian website by clicking here.

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