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Twitter Photo Investigation: #BreakingNews

Using the hashtag #BreakingNews I came across this photo.


Is this photo original?

The first step I took when verifying this photo was placing the URL through Reverse Google Search and TinEye Reverse Search. Both results showed that this is an original photo.

Reverse Google Search:



TinEye Reverse Search:


Can you verify the exact location the image was published?

There is no identification of the location on the initial photo. However, I was able to delve into more research. On the tweet, Sara Celi tweeted she placed a @FOX19 after the comments on the photo. So, I went to the @FOX19 twitter page. One of the tweets had a URL linked to I was able to verify that the location of the photo was taken by Sara Celi in Hamilton County Common Pleas Cour in Cincinnati, Ohio. I also went to Google Maps and researched the court and its location to make sure it was the right court or state. The location matched the one used in the article.



What is the exact publishing date and time of your photo version?

This version of the photo was published on Monday, September 12, 2016, at 3:41 a.m.

What basic information can you find out about your source of this photo?

The photo was tweeted by Sara Celi. As part of finding out basic information about her, I researched her name on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Spokeo in order to discover whether Sara Celi is a reliable source.

On her Twitter account I found out that:
– She joined Twitter in January 2009
– She is a National Bestselling Author
– FOX19 Freelance Talent
– She is from Cincinnati, Ohio and Palm Beach, Florida
– She has her own website


On Facebook, I found an account in the same name Sara Celi. The profile page has the same profile picture, stated that she was an author, FOX19 freelance reporter and it had the same website listed in her About section which, is similar to the one stated on the Twitter profile.


The same result appeared when I looked at her profile on Linkedin. I was able to recognize that this was her account because of her profile picture. It was the same photo as her other profiles plus it had information about her that was also stated on Facebook and Twitter.


For additional research, I used Spokeo as a way of feeding my curiosity but, also to find out if I could find any profile on Sara Celi. In the end, I got some listings for Sara Celi. However, I was able to identify which profile was the right one from the location she was living in. The location on the profile said that she was living in Cincinnati, Ohio. This piece of information was a link that runs through all of the online accounts on Sara Celi.

Offer three solid tips for your classmates regarding social media verification, based on what you learned along the way:

  1. Make sure you use the right URL when using Reverse Google Search or TinEye Reverse Search as many other photos can come up related to the photo you chose as part of your search. Be careful.
  2. When you research for the location of a photo make sure to find more than one source that shows the location of a photo.
  3. Make sure to check that the publish time and date of the photo is that of the original time and date the photo was tweeted in the first place. DO NOT mistake your time and date for the one of the tweeted photo.


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