About Me



I am an aspiring Jordanian Journalist who recently acquired my Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the School of Communications at American University (AU) in Washington D.C.

In 2017, I was given the opportunity to intern at the Library of Congress in Washington DC as part of their Communications and PR team. I wrote several articles such as ‘Wonder Woman’ Visits ‘Library of Awesome’ and Homegrown Concerts Bring Unique Cultures to Library for the Gazette and A Different Sense to Thomas Jefferson’s Library for the Library of Congress’ blog. Moreover, during the fall I worked as a Communications and Stigma Fellow at RespectAbility (NGO) in Maryland where I was in charge of monitoring and posting daily updates on their LinkedIn account as well as writing several articles.

In July 2016 I graduated as the Valedictorian of my year from RACL (Regent’s American College London) from Regent’s University London (RUL) with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications. During my four years at RUL, I was part of the Student Council as their Secretary and Media Representative. Simultaneously, I wrote for the university newspaper, Regent’s Outlook specifically for their Theater and Movie section. Moreover, during my senior year at RUL I served as an integral part of the university’s online blog, a student clearing house for students sharing their experiences and their fondest moments at RUL.

During the summer between 2012-2016 I gained hands-on experiences through training, voluntary work and internships in the fields of Communication, Education, Media Management and Journalism. Within the journalism and communications sector, I interned and trained at Al Faridah for Specialized Publications and Umniah Telecommunications Company in Jordan while also volunteering as a reading instructor for Iman Early Learning Center. Finally, as part of the media management sector I spearheaded a group as an editor, creating a website for Al Hada’a Real Estate Company in Jordan.

On a more personal note, when not working I enjoy pursing my ongoing passion for the arts. Specifically enjoying reading and writing short fiction and poetry. I am also a Ballroom and Latin Dancer enthusiast, competing in Jordan, Italy and Monti Carlo. As an adventurous, outgoing and people lover, I enjoy travel and the special experience of exploring new countries and appreciating their unique wonders.

For more information about me feel free to check my LinkedIn page.